Friday, August 24

Be A Prepaid Load Distributor and Load For Money

If you are thinking of a business that you can do from home you might want to consider being a dealer of prepaid loads in the Philippines to load for money. There are two major telcos in the Philippines; Smart Communications and Globe Telecom. These two telcos cater postpaid/prepaid internet and cellphone loads. There is a huge demand on products from these two major telecommunication companies so being a distributor or dealer of the two is a big advantage. What you will need are valid Ids, proof of billing, an application form, two cellphones and retailer sim cards from Smart and Globe.

To start with you will need to figure out where you operate your business. It is an advantage if you have a store for faster approval of your application. You will have to visit each telcos’ business centers to file your application. You can choose either one of the two or you can also choose both if your budget would allow. You could also buy prepaid cards worth P100, P300 and P500 denomination so you don’t have to undergo such process. However, eloading is still the most popular way of selling load since people can buy it at a very affordable P10 denomination.

Once your account gets approved you can now start marketing your eloading business. You may want to try to load your own cellphone first so you can get familiar on how to send load to your customers. You can also use other marketing materials like tarpaulins and flyers so people around your area will start seeing that you are a prepaid load dealer for Smart or Globe. These products are not very hard to sell, in fact there is no hard selling required because people will come and look after you voluntarily. This is how in-demand a loading business is and the return of investment is really fast compared to other traditional businesses.

Load for Money
To make the story even better, there is another great way if you really want to take your business to the next level. Becoming a technopreneur would allow you to sell here in th Philippines and even abroad  so even Filipino OFWs can do this business and start earning extra. The products include all prepaid loads like prepaid card denomination local or IDD, prepaid internet, landline, cable tv, online gaming and all other prepaid products you could think of. This is a huge advantage for someone to be able to cater different networks which millions of Filipinos are using. This increases your chance of earning since you have all that your market needs. Vmobile is also a registered business partner of all major telcos like Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular. There is no need to visit all three different telcos business centers because you only have to sign up once in any Vmobile office. Another great thing about joining this company is you don’t need different cellphones and sim cards to sell about 300 prepaid products because you only need your existing cellphone and sim card. Visit your nearest Vmobile branch to find out how to become a technopreneur and load for money.


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