Thursday, August 30

How To Earn Using Your Cellphone Without Selling Load As A Technouser

We always think that our cellphone is only used for texting, calling and to access the internet but you can also earn using your cellphone. Your very own cellphone can now start to become a money making machine and this article will reveal that very secret to you. Well, you might think that you are going to sell prepaid load but you are not though you have the option to do so if you want to. This article is actually not going to focus on selling load or scamming other people you don’t know and ask them to send you money blah blah blah. This is real business and it is very easy to do.

Be a Technouser

What you will need is of course your cellphone and register sim with a little starting capital of P300. Then you will also need at least P500 for your loadwallet which you will use for your own consumption. Overall initial investment is P800 which is extremely low for a business capital that can let you earn even millions in the coming months if you do the business right. For the price of P800 you can now start making your way to become financially free and not to worry about how you will give everything that your family needs everyday.

To start with, you have to sign up as a technouser from a known technopreneur with the registration fee of P300. This will include your very own exclusive Vmobile Mpower sim and access card. Once you register you must then reload your account for at least P500 though this is still optional at this stage but you will need to reload your account pretty soon as you will be signing up other people also for you to earn more. The next thing you need to do is check your phone book and social sites accounts. Look for 10 people who would love to have lifetime discount on all prepaid product and those who need extra money using their cellphone just like you without selling load. Remember you only need 10 people to teach the business.

Earn Using Your Cellphone
Every time you register a new technouser on your level 1 you will earn P50 direct referral. Remember, you registered for only P300 but you got P500 commission from your Direct Refferals. Now those 10 people you registered on your first level can also endorse up to 10 people under them. Now from your 2nd – 8th level you will earn indirect referral of P20 each. This may not sound a lot but if you will try to make a computation out of 3 direct referral and 3 indirect referral upto the 8th level you will earn P196,890. That is still a big amount of money which is about 16k a month salary. That is also way bigger than what you will earn from an ordinary day job. Imagine if you were able to complete all 10 direct referral and all of them were able to register 10 inderect referral upto the 8th level, how much can you possibly earn without even selling anything? All you did was share the opportunity.

Keep using your cellphone the way you usually use it. Keep reloading and tell all your downlines to do the same. Use your one sim load all vmobile account everytime you reload and aside from your lifetime discount priviledge you will also earn 1-2% from all the load consumption of all your 10 levels of downlines. So if all of them are loading P100 a month and you have about 88,572 upto your 10 level you will earn a 1% commision of P88,572 a month. If for instance one of your downline did not buy load for herself on that month, no worries because with dynamic compression all those who did not qualify for the patronage reward will be replaced by the last person who qualify so that you still get full commission every month. That’s the power of consumirism. You keep enjoying the products you normally buy in stores only now you will have to load yourself and then you earn huge amount of money like this. However, this will not happen overnight. You have to be dedicated enough to reach this kind of goal. Even if you already have an account in Vmobile loadxtreme but you are not taking action you will never see great results.

It is possible to earn this big because people are constantly buying load despite the economic downturn. This is a great way to save and then earn big all at the same time so what else can you ask for? Again, you don’t need to sell load because if you will focus on selling then you will have to sell at least P200,000 every single month so you can earn at least P20k from a 10% profit. If you don’t have 200k then being a technouser is the simplest and easiest way to start your own business. There are more than 90 million cellphone users in the country and you only need to find 10 people to fill your first level. Then teach them everything they need to know to follow what you did to help them find their 10 downlines for their first level. In this kind of business you really must learn how to share. If you do not teach your downlines what you know, they will never be able to endorse to others. That also means a dead business for you. This is the easiest way to earn using your cellphone.

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